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Five Lions is an independent bottler that supplies fine Scottish Whisky with a high collectors value and promising taste. Regardless of the aging period, extraordinary casks and unusual finishes, Whiskys from closed distilleries or bottlings from distilleries that rarely sell: We bottle exceptional, outstanding and rare Whiskys from single, handpicked casks straight into our bottles. Our offers are directed towards sophisticated experts who appreciate good quality and particular fillings, as well as curious enthusiasts and real connoisseurs.

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Peated Whiskys from Islay, smooth Whiskys from the Lowlands, impulsive Highlanders, flowery Whiskys from the Speyside and rich Whiskys from the Islands – rarely any drink is as multifaceted as Scottish Whisky. Nonetheless not just the region of origin but also the casks in which the Whisky matures are of great importance when it comes to the many unique flavours and subtle aromas. We only pick casks that have substantially given their influential character to the Whisky, which has slumbered inside for many years. In addition to that, the Whiskys are always bottled undiluted and in original cask strength. Naturally we do not add colouring but present the Whiskys exactly the way we found them in the cask. This is how Five Lions Whiskys differ from the usual standard bottlings where sometimes hundreds of casks are mixed to attain a consistent taste over many years.

Our Current Fillings

The Five Lions team is always on the lookout for special Whiskys that could enthral fans of Scotland’s national drink. We gladly introduce all bottlings – even ones that are only available in specific countries. Just click on the bottles to find out more about taste and origin.

Five Lions offers connoisseurs the entire bandwidth of diverse flavours from Scottish Whiskys. The label distinguishes three larger groups of bottlings that are marked accordingly with colours.

All Regions. All Tastes.

The apple-green series calls itself “All Regions. All Tastes.” In this series Five Lions presents outstanding classics amongst Scottish distilleries with traditional aging in a Bourbon or Sherry casks – sometimes soft, sometimes firm. Additionally Five Lions presents Whiskys with completely accomplished finishes. All in all the Whiskys from this series are younger – wonderful Whiskys to drink, rich and complex.

The Ambassadors of Scotland

The pink coloured labels mark bottlings, which Five Lions calls “The Ambassadors of Scotland”. This series involves extraordinary and older Scottish Whiskys and rarities – for example from closed distilleries or Whiskys with unusual finishes. However exceptional brands, T-Spoon-Whiskys and even very old Single-Grains are also presented in this series.

Smoke, Peat & Salt

The blue series “Smoke, Peat & Salt” includes the strong smoky, peaty or salty fillings. The whiskys come from barrels in distilleries that exclusively use kiln-dried malt or from distilleries that very rarely produce smoky whiskys. Salty whiskys, that smell and taste like the ocean, waves and the rough sea complete this series.

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The Whiskys of Five Lions are available in many countries – among these are the US, Italy, Germany and Austria. Our respective partners in these countries are more than happy to answer any questions, for example if you would like to know which stores carry our bottlings or if you, as an independent retailer, would like to carry Five Lions Whisky in your assortment.
Are you an importer of Whisky and spirits and interested in distributing the label Five Lions in your country, then please contact us: info@five-lions.co.uk

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